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The ALTER EGO GROUP is a global leader in the barrel and used cask industry, operating in 20 countries worldwide in both the Northern and Southern hemispheres. We offer ageing and maturation solutions to wineries and distillers of whisky / whiskey, rum, tequila, beer and liqueurs including the sourcing of the finest used casks from the greatest vineyards and spirit regions in the world.


We don’t sell products, we provide global solutions for the ageing and maturation process of the wine and spirit industry. Alter Ego products are currently being used in 20 countries by the leading producers of whisky / whiskey, cognac, rum, tequila and brandy ALTER OAK PRODUCTS AND SERVICES


The distillery / winery of the future will be a perfect integration of high-tech tools and a highly skilled workforce. It may be a dream, however, this dream is much closer to your business than you think.

Alter Ego can help you to realize this dream.


Innovation is the key to success. Alter Ego works tirelessly to develop new products and services based on innovation and emerging technologies. Research and Development is in our DNA. We already participate in several European Programmes as well as collaborating with universities and multi-nationals.


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