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Alter Eko Rejuvenated Casks

ALTER EKO casks are rejuvenated using a natural process and successfully utilised by leading brands for the ageing of wine and maturation of spirits.

Alter Eko casks are particularly renowned for their aromatic qualities and tasting results. Our patented process uses a natural abrasive with no added chemicals giving the same oxidative potential as a new barrel.. We don’t de-char or re-char the cask. This allows us to retain the original toast and character of the cask.

Alter Eko was awarded the Vinitech Trophy for Innovation in France.

Seasoned casks, new finishes and profiles

Cutting edge technology, as well as the unique porosity of the Alter Elko casks, allows us to offer a bespoke cask based on the aromatic profiles and original finishes requested by the customer.

Alter Elko casks are seasoned with sherry wines (e.g. Oloroso, Pedro Ximenez, Fino), Sauternes, Cognac, Port, Rum, Muscat etc. transforming them into exceptional casks with a tailored finish – on demand.

Alter Oak 100% Oak

Alter Oak is the 100% natural liquid extract of French oak. Alter Oak extract accelerates the quality finish in the ageing of wines and the maturation process of spirits, providing instant aromatic complexity and notes of vanilla, toast, caramel, toasted almonds etc.

Alter Oak accentuates the sophisticated complexities of the aged-in-oak maturation process in the wine and spirit industry (in adherence with product and region specific regulations).


New Products and Services

We want to work with your R&D teams to develop new customised products for you.

We already work with wine and spirit masters across the globe continuing to innovate and develop new ageing and maturation products.

In this current age of knowledge share,  Alter Ego can play a meaningful role in provoking new ideas with you – our partner companies.